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December 24, 2017


Stonehenge…the mere mention of its name brings thoughts of mysticism and wonder…why was it built and who built it? were these large stones that stand 13 feet tall and weigh about 25 tons each placed on the ground?...where did the stones come from and how did they get there?...did the circular shape signify anything specific?...archeologists believe the formation to be about 5000 years old or even older…it may have been used at one time as a burial ground as thousands of bone fragments have been found there…the civilization that put it there left no written records as to what it was for…possibly, it was used as some kind of astrological marker, a marker of the solstice for example…some think that it was thought of as a place of healing…obviously, there are many more questions than answers…in fact there are few answers if any…most ‘answers’ are merely speculation…these theories range from the scientific to the supernatural…I had a tree that went down a few years ago…after it was sawed up, I made my own personal Stonehenge in my back yard...actually I suppose you’d call it Woodhenge…eventually, I used the wood for my fireplace and fire pit…after this summer’s hurricane, I had plenty of large pieces of wood, so I created another one.