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December 8, 2017

Superstitions is a term for any belief or practice that is consider irrational, in other words it arises possibly from ignorance or fear, a belief in the power of fate or magic, or a fear of that which is unknown...otherwise level headed people fall under the power of superstitions…common superstitions are Friday the 13th, the breaking of a mirror, walking under a ladder, and there are so many more…when something negative happens, some are quick to point to superstition as being a reason for it…superstition often arises when things occur that cannot be understood…superstition often gets in the way of things…some may scoff at it, but many buildings do not have a 13th floor…few teams have a #13 uniform that is used, although you see slightly more of it today…some people refuse to fly on an airplane that has the number 13 in its flight reality, superstition only has the power that you give it…there can be superstitious things that are used for ‘good’ too…there are people who feel empowered when they have their lucky charm with them, and they feel at a loss if they forget it, or lose it…a gambler may wear his ‘lucky’ shirt, a student may use their ‘lucky’ pen when taking an exam, someone may touch a ‘lucky’ charm before they leave the house…etc…some people claim not to be superstitious but will still throw salt over their shoulder or perform some kind of ritual ‘just in case’