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December 6, 2017


Mantras come in many forms…usually they are melodic, done in structured meters and are believed to be chocked full of positive qualities…perhaps the simplest and most well-known form is (Aum or Om)…which is often scoffed at by disbelievers…however, mantras are not restricted to such simplistic forms…there can be more sophisticated forms in which mantras are melodic phrases that have spiritual interpretations…such as a longing for truth, a grasp of reality, a desire for immortality, and such common things as peace, love, and wisdom…some mantras are used to create a desired action…others have no actual meaning, yet can be musically uplifting and spiritually meaningful and provide a positive feeling for the person reciting the mantra…mantras can be religious in nature, or not religious at all…they can be used for building inner strength, self-confidence, positivity, and much more…mantras can be chanted externally or internally, or written on sticky notes, magnets, or something else as a constant reminder of what is possible.