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December 4, 2017


In some schools of Buddhism, bardo is explained as an intermediate or transitional state that occurs between death and rebirth…it is a concept which began soon after the death of Buddha with many of the earlier Buddhist groups accepting the existence of such an intermediate state…others schools outright rejected the idea…in layman terms, "bardo" is the state of existence that happens between two lives on earth…according to Tibetan tradition, this state occurs after death and before one's next birth…when one's consciousness it is said, is not connected with a physical body…during this time, one experiences a variety of phenomena…there are different types of bardo…the first is from conception until the very last breath…the second is a dream state…the third is meditation and it is said that it is generally only experienced by those that have meditated…at the moment of death is the fourth bardo, the fifth is the luminosity of the true nature which begins after the final breath… the sixth bardo is the process of transmigration…interesting…if you need more details, you can read all the intricacies  online.