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December 2, 2017

Indian Burial Mounds

Can Indian burial grounds/mounds really be ‘haunted’?...some claim this to be true…is there truth to these stories of spirits inhabiting these areas, or is it just a figment of imagination that has been passed down over the years by overactive imaginations or would be storytellers to entertain an audience?...perhaps they are lumped together with cemeteries in that regard, or maybe not all the stories are imagined…maybe there are paranormal things that have happened…the only experience I have with any kind of ‘burial mounds’ is on an old golf course long ago that has since fallen victim to the greedy developers looking to make a buck or two. On the 10th hole, in the middle of the fairway, there were several somewhat large mounds that were quite prominent…being young and impressionable at the time, my father took delight I’m sure, and scared me with a story that the mounds were Indian burial mounds and that the locals said they were haunted and guarded by Indian spirits and that you should never walk over them or you would be subjected to a curse from the Indian gods…tales of ghost sightings at night, and odd sounds, especially during full moons was how it went…these scary tales were I’m sure exaggerated by my dad…I was always afraid to hit my ball near them…therefore I usually missed the fairway and bogeyed the hole…over the years of course, I learned that they weren’t really Indian burial mounds…i’ve played thousands of different golf holes and forgotten most of them, but I’ll always remember the one with the ‘burial mounds’…but are all these stories of haunted grounds fake?...I wouldn’t bet on it.