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November 30, 2017

Fate or Happenstance?

It has been said that what happens during the course of a man's life is already written… and such a man shall move through the course of his life as his destiny dictates…but of course each man is free to live as he chooses, to make his own decisions...though they seem opposite, both are true…a man makes his own decisions but does he really make his own decisions?...or does he make the decision that fate compels him to make?...we say that certain things happen by accident, but do they actually happen accidentally, or does fate step in to make them happen…even though we believe them to be accidental?...there are those who do not believe in fate, or destiny…they believe instead in random occurrence…this may be described as a happening without any intent, any volition, or plan…example, two people throw chips into the air…the believer in random occurrence will believe the chips land at random…a believer in fate will believe that fate caused the chips to fall as they did…are we pre-ordained to meet that soulmate or if we decided to stay in for the night, would that meeting never have happened…or would it have happened…but perhaps under different circumstances?