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December 10, 2017

All About Cremations

Aprocess are discharged through an exhaust system…usually, bodies are burned one at a time…some crematories have what is called a secondary burner to help burn the body completely…if not, the cremation technician may have to crush the partially cremated remains…the corpse is reduced to tiny skeletal remains and bone fragments, which are collected and then set aside to ‘rest’…that is cool down…it’s not unusual for small bits of one body to be mixed it with another cremation…the bone fragments are then ground down to a sand like consistency…the average body will be reduced to about 5-7 pounds of what is called cremains…these cremains will be a whitish color…even some metal objects like screws, nails, hinges, and other parts of the container or casket may be collected…also, one may find pieces of dental work, screws inserted during a surgery, implants and other things…although these items are removed with magnets or forceps during manual inspection before the ashes are turned over to whoever is collecting them…