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October 26, 2017


Transylvania is located in the central part of Romania…it is of course most famous for its association with vampires…in the movies, it is almost always dark, raining, or dark and raining…the area has gained popularity due to the Bram Stoker book ‘Dracula’ and of course the movie with Bela Lugosi who actually came from the area…Stoker wrote his gothic horror novel Dracula in 18 and 97, and he used Transylvania as a setting…with its incredible success, Transylvania has become associated in the English-speaking world with those creatures known as vampires…it has since been known as a land of horror, mystery and magic…it is bordered by the Carpathian mountains to the east and the is home to Bran’s Castle which is also known as Dracula’s castle although the real castle is quite nice and not at all like the crumbling ruins as portrayed in the 1931 movie…the castle with the darkness and odd shadows…and there have also been stories of werewolves linked to the area…modern day Transylvania has many film and music festivals that attract tourists from all over the world…the current area looks nothing like the moody and dark regions hinted at in the media portrayals…and personally, I find that most disappointing.