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October 28, 2017

The Powers Of A Mummy's Curse

There are those who are absolutely convinced that the ancients could concentrate upon and around a mummy certain dynamic powers…those of which we possess very incomplete notions…and that these powers were almighty and could if so desired, put a curse on those who for example, disturbed the holy resting place of a pharaoh or a spiritual leader…it is said even today the spirits live in the hills of Egypt and although some curses have weakened over the course of time…others remain quite potent…so says Dr. Muller in ‘The Mummy’ and he is probably right…whether these curses work might depend on the mind of the one who is afflicted with such a terrible curse …psychosomatic if you will…people who believe in curses might suddenly find themselves pre-occupied and it may lead to some kind of accident…a mild cold could become a full blown case of pneumonia as one may be frightened that the evil curse is happening to them…men of science are less inclined to believe such things, but sometimes something unfortunate things do happen and then the curse is blamed for something different altogether…then again, maybe there are cases of curses that actually have been activated and are quite real.