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October 2, 2017

Roslin and Its Spirits

Far away in a village called Roslin, located in Scotland, there is a 500-year-old chapel has long be rumored to be the home to a number of spirits…there have been numerous stories of restless spirits lurking about within the decaying walls of the chapel and also in the area nearby…some may scoff at such stories but it interesting that many of these stories have been reported by visitors to the chapel who were totally oblivious to the chapel’s ‘fame’ as a place for paranormal activity…there have many reports of strange goings on and the appearances of apparitions that have been seen and then unseen if you will…one of the strangest is a knight who has been seen on horseback galloping through the countryside…a knight from many hundreds of years ago…many people driving around in the area have said to have seen him and gotten the shock of their lives…it has also been said that a chapel contains a familiar apparition of a mysterious lady who is dressed in a white lace dress…she has appeared albeit briefly to those inside the chapel at times, but more often she has been seen at night, holding a candle and going from one end of the church to the other…she’ll be a shadowy figure and the glow from her candle can be seen from the outside giving a chill to those who have observed this occurrence.