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September 30, 2017

Friday Night Fight

Jimmy Doyle was a professional boxer from Los Angeles, California, and a pretty good one…his record was 43-6-3 when in 1947, Doyle fought the champion Sugar Ray Robinson for the World Welterweight Title…Robinson who was 78-1-1 at the time, dominated the fight except for the sixth round, when he was staggered twice by punches and obviously hurt, but he made it through the round…later though, it was a single left hook from Robinson ended the fight…. Doyle was floored...eyewitnesses said Doyle went down like a ton of bricks…he hit the canvas with a loud thud and the referee began counting…Doyle raised his head up but Doyle’s dream of a championship vanished…the count reached ten and the fight was over…Doyle, who appeared to have a serious injury, was then transported to St. Vincent's Charity Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio where the fight took place immediately, but died a few hours later… Jimmy Doyle was only 22 years old…strangely before the fight took place, Sugar Ray Robinson had tried to back out of the clash…he had recently had a nightmare and during this nightmare, he saw himself killing Doyle in the ring…Robinson, who was disturbed by the dream talked with clergy members and was convinced to go ahead and take the fight anyway…one that ended in profound tragedy…was this some sort of terrible premonition that Robinson had? certainly seems so.