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September 28, 2017

Tales Of A Crypt

A crypt is a stone chamber that is sometimes buried under a floor of a church or other building…it usually contains coffins, sarcophagi, or perhaps even some religious relics… sometimes churches would be built high enough so that they could accommodate a crypt at the ground level…in more modern terms, a crypt is most often a stone chambered burial vault, which is used to store the dearly deceased…crypts are usually found in public cemeteries, but are sometimes located on personal property…such as on the Ringling Estate in Sarasota, Florida…though John and his wife Mabel Ringling aren’t in it for a variety of reasons…these wealthy families will often have what is termed a 'family crypt' in which all members of the family are interred…Abraham Lincoln’s immediate family has one in Springfield, Illinois…in this crypt, only Robert Todd Lincoln is buried elsewhere…some say as punishment for having his mother Mary Todd Lincoln committed to a mental asylum…he did however find a resting place at Arlington National Cemetery…in some places, an above ground crypt is more commonly known as a mausoleum…which also refers to any elaborate building intended as a burial place, for just one or many people…often on family estates, crypts are place at a corner of the grounds…this tends to be problematic for anyone buying the property as the house deeds may prohibit the crypt to be destroyed and re-developed…making for an unusual problem for real estate buyers…sometimes abandoned crypts in old cemeteries which can be creepy enough on their own, make resting places for recent murder victims whom the perpetrators wish to hide from authorities.