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October 4, 2017


A spell is something that is cast upon the human soul or mind…it is mental in nature as opposed to being something physical…it consists of a nonphysical force or power that can affect the behavior or well-being of the one that the spell is put upon…the power of the spell can be dependent on the one who has cast it and how strong their ability is…some have only a small amount of power, but others can be quite potent…sometimes you’ll see someone who ‘isn’t quite themselves’…this may be because they are under a spell that has been cast on them…many feel that the ability to cast spells is born within or inherited…that one can’t teach the average joe to be able to cast spells any more than one can be taught to run fast…you either can or you can’t…spells can be cast for love…those are often called red magic…protection spells are often identified as being white magic…the most well-known is black magic, which is used for curses and must be used carefully as serious implications can result as a result of its use…then there is purple magic which is used to control someone…there is even green magic which supposedly helps one in financial affairs.