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October 13, 2017


Evocation is when one, or a group calls upon a spirit, or some kind of a demon, perhaps a god, or some other supernatural incarnation for a specific purpose…they try to make him manifest to accomplish something…there are many comparable practices that exist in many kinds of religions all over the world and there are magical traditions that may use mind-altering substances to aid their efforts…and one knows that mind-altering substances can certainly cause one to see things…not that I speak from personal experience of course…they may also include or be without uttered words…it could be that someone who wants the evocation goes into a deep trance, or maybe just a deep concentration in order to summon the chosen one…like many things in life, these evocations can be used for good, such as aiding the health of a sick one, or they can be used for evil purposes as well…often times a ‘magician’ would be called upon to summon a certain spirit…depending on the tradition, they might use an assortment of ‘tools’ to accomplish the feat.