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October 11, 2017

Palm Reading

Palmistry, a.k.a. palm reading has been around for a very long time…it involves ‘reading’ the lines on the palm of one’s hand and being able to predict the future and gaining an understanding an individual’s personality, character & traits…this is done through the study of the shape, size and lines of the hands and fingers…there is a ‘heart’ line where the love and attraction of someone can be deciphered…this is done by ‘reading’ the line that supposedly gives the emotional makeup of a person…i.e. whether a person if more likely to fall in love quickly or not…a ‘fate’ line is said to give clues about the person's journey through life, including career choices and opportunities, successes that they may find the obstacles they may encounter…sometimes this line is thought to even show the circumstances that are beyond the individual's control...there is also a ‘life’ line which is said to be able to determine how long one shall live…this line is believed to represent the person's spirit, physical state of health and their general well-being…the life line is also believed to be able to reflect major life changes…now contrary to popular belief, modern palm readers generally don’t believe that the length of a person's life line is tied to the length of a person's life...there are also several other lines which can be examined for information about the subject…palmistry is an art and different palm readers may have different interpretations of the same lines…there isn’t much in basic palmistry that can’t be studied up on in an afternoon…the ‘best’ palm readers are often the ones that are able to ‘sell’ their interpretations the best and give the best performance, and have subjects that are open-minded.