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October 14, 2017

Indirect Voice Phenomena

What is an indirect voice phenomena?...well, when legitimate it can be quite disquieting…it is a phenomena where an entity appears to be speaking by using the vocal apparatus of a living person, using a medium that is conducting some type of gathering…sometimes this occurs during a séance when the medium is ‘taken over’ by a spirit that wishes to speak to those present…often, the voice will be quite different than the mediums’…sometimes during a ‘ghost tour’, a tour leader will appear to have been used by an apparition to convey a message…now these ghost tours can be enjoyable walking around and seeing supposedly haunted places and learning about spooky legends, but any kind of indirect voice phenomena that occurs during them is strictly a hoax…strictly designed for the tourists and alike…well, maybe it has been legitimate on one occasion or another, but…