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September 11, 2017

Ramses VIII

Ramses VIII is considered the most obscure ruler of the 20th Dynasty and information on him is minimal and what there is, is sketchy…most of the data indicates a brief kingship…in fact, it suggests that he lasted on the throne for perhaps one year at the most… some scholars disagree with this assessment and believe he had a reign of up to two years, but that’s for them to year or two years, it was a short time which may be one of the reasons he remains obscure to this day…he came to power after the death of Ramesses VII who was a son of Ramesses VI…Ramses VIII has the distinction of being the only pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty whose tomb has not been definitely identified in what is known as the Valley of the Kings…an all-Egyptian team of researchers continue in their quest to find the pharaoh's tomb to this day.