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September 12, 2017

Absent Healing

Absent Healing is a term that perhaps can best be explained as healing at a distance through the application of powerful thoughts directed towards someone who is ill...this method of spiritual/metaphysical healing can be just as beneficial as healing that is done in a physical manner because the effects of healing are brought about by the natural healing forces or so the believers in such a thing say…now anybody can say a prayer and offer best wishes, but there does seem to be some people who do have a magical gift for this type of thing and have a very good success rate…they are able to harness powerful positive thoughts and somehow infuse the ill with this power that helps the sick person overcome what is plaguing them…it is hard to believe perhaps, but there are cases where people lost in the throes of a sickness, will suddenly begin on the road to recovery much to the amazement of doctors…who cannot explain exactly what happened…those of a spiritual bent will believe that their prayers to God are what does the trick…but there are others who simply concentrate their powers directly to aid the healing...there are some ‘healers’ that use specific types of crystals or breathing techniques or visions to aid them in their healing…maybe it helps them or maybe it just sounds more exotic when they are explaining it to others…who knows…just remember the mind is powerful and its capacity to do things in this manner are unknown, so don’t feel like you have to have a technique or use outside sources to help you if you choose to try it.