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September 14, 2017


A shaman is a member of certain tribal societies who acts as a medium between the visible world and an invisible spirit world…and one who practices magic or sorcery for the purposes of healing, divination, and having control over natural events…a shaman will typically enter into a trance like state in order to perform these acts…shamans around the world say that they gain knowledge and the magical power to heal by entering into a spiritual world or another type of dimension…most shamans are guided by visions or dreams that give certain messages that the shaman interprets...the shaman may have or acquired many spirit guides that help direct him in his travels throughout the spirit world…these spirit guides are always present within the shaman…shamans communicate with the spirits that have crossed over into the great beyond…the shaman uses his ability to communicate with both the living and the dead to settle unsettled issues and to help lessen unrest that may be present…the shaman will sometimes enter a spiritual dimension to help someone who is ill or having troubles…depending on the culture, shamans may employ a drum, feathers, or other accessories to help them.