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September 1, 2017


Autosuggestion is defined as the hypnotic or subconscious adoption of thoughts or an idea that one has created themselves…this is done often through repetition of certain words or phrases that one says to themselves in the desire to change behavior…this is usually with positivity in order to accomplish something…think of mantras that are used in certain religions...a word or phrase that is repeated over and over...think of the child’s book ‘The Little Engine That Could’ where the little train says “I think I can, I think I can” and it helps him to achieve his goal…one can use the same method in order to build confidence and thus reach their goal or goals…autosuggestion it is believed also has negative powers as well…a kind of self-prophecy that dooms one to failure… or it has even been suggested that it can be used to negatively affect others…something similar to an attempt to put a hex on someone…whether that is true, we can’t say…but we can say with no doubt that using it as a positive reinforcement can give good results.