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September 3, 2017

Pyramid Power

The theory of pyramid power is based on the idea that pyramid shapes can generate positive energy and that this energy can produce great power and provide a positive effect to many things…the idea of psychic energy is certainly not new…the ancient Chinese believed that man was linked to the eternal universe by a vital force which filled the cosmos…in India, they call this type of energy prana...the most celebrated and famous pyramids are those that stand at Giza…they were built during the fourth dynasty of Egypt…of which the largest is the one that housed the pharaoh Khufu, better known as Cheops…this is now known commonly as the Great Pyramid…the supposed powers of a pyramid are many…and many such ‘beliefs’ as preserving food have been debunked by actual testing…however it is kind of fun to believe in such things as a pyramid in your house or on your property bringing you positive energy even if deep down you don’t really believe…it is common in many magazines that cater to ‘new age’ thought to see advertisements for open metal-poled pyramids that are constructed to be large enough to meditate under…one group practices a form of meditation called Transmission Meditation that uses an open metal-poled tetrahedron in the attempt to dial into the cosmic energy of spiritual masters…my only experience with staying in a pyramid was at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas…a truly beautiful place inside and out…I have in my back yard, three pyramids that I sculpted out of broken pieces of concrete…I did this not necessarily out of the thought of pyramid power, but more because of my interest in Egyptology.