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August 30, 2017

Crystal Gazing

'Crystal Gazing'

Crystal gazing or i.e. a crystal ball is known by most as a method to foretell the future by having the ‘gazer’ going into a trance and being able to see ‘visions’ of what will happen…we have probably all seen various movies with the bandanna wearing fortune teller gazing into a crystal ball and foretelling the future…but it isn’t quite like that in reality…crystal balls have been used for thousands of years…the crystal ball itself can be a variety of sizes and none performs better than another so I am told by ‘gazers’ I know…although a bigger ball is thought to make a better impression on the subject whose fortune is being told…the ball should be perfectly spherical in form and a dimly lit room that is quiet is best for this undertaking…some say it is the environment that fosters these visions but some have suggested that it is the subconscious mind or the ‘reader’ that provides the results…in fact, most familiar with the practice say that crystal balls actually don’t reveal future events as much as they release the subconscious mind of the subject…analysis of the crystal reading suggests that visions are often a kind of hallucination that manifests itself from the things in the memory of the subject or out of expectations…for example if a subject is told to expect to see rivers flowing, often times that is what they saw exactly when gazing into the ball…the subject most likely had previously experienced a mild form of hallucinations when looking at reflective surfaces in the past and this helps to color their ‘visions’.