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August 28, 2017

The Highland Ghost

Have you ever heard of ‘The Highland Ghost’?...this ghost is an inhabitant of Stirling Castle, of the many spirits that are said to haunt different properties located in Scotland which is famous, or is it infamous, for its numerous ghostly spirits…the most frequently seen spirit at Stirling Castle to have been reported is called ‘The Highland Ghost’...this ghost is always seen wearing traditional Scottish is said that tourists have mistaken this ghost for a tour guide and have come up to him and asked him for directions…imagine their fright when he simply disappears before their eyes...once in 1933, ‘The Highland Ghost’ was supposedly filmed, though there has been long conversations about whether the film is real or is merely a hoax…also said to have been sighted in Stirling Castle is what has been called, the infamous Green Lady, she is believed to have been a servant to Mary, Queen of Scots…now the story goes that the Green Lady met her unfortunate destiny while trying to save Mary from a fire which broke out in a bedroom…at least that’s how the story goes according to some…even the ghost of Mary, Queen of Scots has been rumored to haunt the grounds of the castle.