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August 26, 2017

Into Thin Air

Do you suppose it is possible for people to simply wish themselves off the face of the earth? disappear without a trace, leaving no clues as to their whereabouts…I’m not talking about people who were kidnapped or people who have changed their identities…I’m talking about people who could un-manifest themselves and vanish into thin air?...adopting an invisibility as they went to a happier place?...perhaps they were extremely depressed or so dissatisfied with the world that they no longer wished to be part of it…and they used whatever spiritual means or otherwise to leave…can people be so desperate that they could do this type of thing?...for certain reasons, maybe we would like to disappear, get away from it all…at least for a while…I wouldn’t rule out such a thing…apparitions manifest themselves and appear before us…who is to say that a person couldn’t do the opposite and just cease to exist in the world that we know?...where would they go?…never to be seen again…such mysteries are unexplainable or probably un-comprehendible even if they could somehow be explained.