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August 5, 2017

Touch The Moon

A man went to sleep like he had thousands of times before but before dawn he woke up…he glanced out the window for a second and noticed a brilliant full moon in the sky…and then began to drift back to sleep...suddenly, he woke up again and began staring at the full moon…the moon seemed to be drawing closer to him each moment…the moon got so close to him that the brightness illuminated his entire room in a warm glow...he said he reached out his hand and touched the moon…he says it felt ‘creamy’ and he was touched by an incredible positive force that reverberated through his body...he isn’t sure what happened next but perhaps he drifted off to sleep…or drifted off somewhere…his next memory was waking up in the morning experiencing total bliss…after that he says, his life has been totally transformed and he now feels one with all things in the universe and at peace…that positive force continues to flow through his body.