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August 6, 2017

Astral Plane

'Astral Plane'
What is an astral plane?...the astral plane which is also called the astral world, is a plane of existence suggested by many classical, mediaeval, oriental and esoteric philosophies and others on the fringe mystery religions…it is a world of planetary spheres…spheres that are crossed by the soul in its astral body on the way to being born…and after death…and generally said to be populated by roving spirits, benevolent angels and other forms of shadowy beings…the term became quite popular in the late 19th and early 20th century…both Aristotle and Plato taught that the stars were composed of a type of matter that was quite different from the four earthly elements…according to them, there was a fifth, ethereal element or quintessence…in this "astral mysticism" of the classical world, the human psyche was composed of the same material, thus accounting for the influence of the stars upon human affairs…this gave rise to much discussion of the nature of the astral world intermediate between earth and the divine…now once the telescope was invented and no heaven could be seen in the solar system, mainstream science dropped the idea…an astral plane is mentioned in a song called ‘Legend Of A Mind’ by The Moody Blues.