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August 8, 2017

Some Thoughts On Peace

We all would like to live in peace…there are many ways to do so…we don’t want to be the guy who smokes too much marijuana and does yoga all day…at least some of us don’t…we all want peace, but where to find it?...we can learn to find peace by letting go…letting go of judgements, expectations, trying to force things to be a certain way…instead we can learn to adopt and adapt…we can adopt a new attitude…one that is free of negativity…we can adapt to a changing world…we may not like all the changes and that’s ok…as long as we don’t fight it and get ourselves into a tizzy over it…it’s usually not worth it…years later, we look back and we can’t remember half of what we thought was important at the time…peace is nowhere to be found, but inside of the mind and much of that is up to you.