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August 9, 2017

Luminous Phenomena

What is that strange thing that is called luminous phenomena?... it can be described as being a variety of strange natural phenomena…one that involves luminescence, and these have been recorded for centuries…these can be ranging from things like ball lightning and other mysterious nocturnal illuminations, to peculiar bands of light that shoot from the earth around the time of earthquakes…it is said that sometimes someone who is dying will give off a ‘glow’ around themselves…studies have been done and these studies have not shown this to be true, but some people swear that they have experienced such a thing while observing others… so that leaves us to ponder…is it possible that under the right circumstances, these natural illuminations produced by the body might increase to levels that would be seen by the naked eye…or perhaps with some special devices that could allow us to see them?...and could we develop the ability to be able to control these luminescent displays?...we also find that luminous phenomena can occur in the realms of biology just as well, with various fish, bio-luminescent plankton, and other glowing sea life populating Earth’s oceans. But among the places where bio-luminescence seems to occur, stories of so-called “human glow worms” must be among the very strangest.