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August 11, 2017

Flight 191 and The Nightmare

There once was a man who for two weeks kept having the same nightmare, not every single night, but many nights...while sleeping, he would drift into a state where he saw a jetliner rising into the sky and then turning sideways and plummeting to the ground…the nightmare was upsetting and left him nervous because it was all so vivid and frightening…he didn't have one for a month, but then he had the nightmare again... later that day after work, he saw on TV that an American Airlines DC-10, Flight 191 was taking off from Chicago’s O’Hare airport, when one of the engines on the left wing separated from the plane which caused the plane to roll and crash killing 273 people…the accident occurred almost exactly as the man had foreseen in his dream and it sent a chill through his body that was difficult to shake.