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August 3, 2017

Tunnel Experience

'Tunnel Experience'

Some people have reported the following experience…they are lying in bed in a state of relaxation with their eyes closed, not unlike they probably have done many times…or maybe just relaxing in a favorite chair when lights begin to appear and then they seem to start moving…usually slowly…the subject gets the feeling that they are they are lifted up and are floating free…and as they float they begin to move into a something that resembles a tunnel…it is an odd feeling but not one that is unpleasant…and sometimes and it seems as though they are drifting through space or traveling into a different dimension…or perhaps they are even exploring the depths of one’s mind in a way that cannot ordinarily be done…this has been said by these individuals to be an experience of peace and tranquility while it is occurring…a feeling of calmness comes about…no fear, no anxiety, just peace…of course there are those that try to explain these things away with scientific reasoning and to disprove these claims, but to those that have had this tunnel experience, they felt it…they know what happened…not everything can be explained away so easily or has a perfectly logical reason that it happened.