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August 22, 2017


What exactly is a spirit?...a ghost, a spook?...or something else entirely?...spirits are known to be found in certain places and I’m not talking about spirits found in liquor stores…’real’ spirits can be found in haunted houses for example or another type of building…especially a place which brought death or suffering to the being or a loved one of the being when such being was alive…some spirits can be friendly, others can be mysterious, yet others can be bent on evil…some appear as visions but others have been known to speak…now some so-called spirits have been nothing but hoaxes…frauds…brought forth by charlatans that fooled many who desperately wanted to believe…many were exposed as such…but there have been other times when a spirit has truly made themselves known and proved their existence…and these most definitely were not frauds…thousands of years ago, the mystics believed spirits and ghosts created at the time of death, and that these spirits would take on the memory and personality of the dead person…for better or worse…they traveled to a netherworld, and would occasionally cross back over to this dimension…but why would the spirits come back and be evident to ordinary people?...for one, they would do it especially if they were troubled and restless…perhaps they died in an unpleasant manner or someone close to them did…in some cases, spirits come back to look for lost loves ones…there may have been an occurrence where they were separated in life, never to be together again…and their search is seen by a member of this dimension…or sometimes they will come back to warn ordinary living people of danger.