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August 21, 2017

The Titanic and The Titan

In 1898, an author named Morgan Robertson wrote a book about the sinking of a giant ocean liner…14 years later, the Titanic went down in the icy waters of the Atlantic claiming over 1,500 lives…approximately 705 people survived…of the more than 1500 dead, only 333 bodies were recovered…and there were some startling coincidences involved…both ships were considered the greatest of their day and were deemed unsinkable…both vessels collided with an iceberg in the North Atlantic…the Titanic had received a message of ice in its path, but this message was mislaid and never given to the captain and crew…both crashes were mostly due to excessive speed…both ships had too few lifeboats for all the passengers that were traveling on the boats…both were launched in April and their disasters happened in the same exact month…other similarities were that both had a displacement of 45,000 tons…they both had two masts and three propellers…both were similar in in length…the Titanic was 880 feet long and the fictional Titan was 800 feet long…the Titanic made a little more horsepower than the Titan 45000 to 40000 and at the time of the accident the Titan was going at 25 knots while the Titanic was steaming along at 24 knots…there are claims that when the book was republished in 1912, there were a few ‘modifications’ made to make them more compatible with the Titanic, but there is no denying the eerie coincidences involved…could this have been an example of psychic phenomena?...seeing into the future and foretelling an event that would occur?