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July 11, 2017

Voices of the Dead

'Voices of the Dead'

Usually when we talk about communication with the dead, we are usually referring to using “mediums”…that is those who are able to talk to the dead on our behalf, or who  can allow the dead to speak to us through their special powers...however, what if there was some way the dead could speak to us directly…without using a medium, or as they say, cutting out the middleman? wouldn’t that be interesting?...let’s suppose you are the one who is dead but you have something to say…something important you must convey to the living…you would have no physical form to help you make yourself known, however there are those who would say you are an energy field…could this energy manifest itself and help you to contact us through a relationship with some device that also relies on an energy field?...perhaps a radio, a tape recorder, or some other kind of electronic device?...if so, would anyone pay any attention to those sounds at all, or even be able to understand what they are?...this type of activity is called EVP, or electronic voice phenomena…Dr Konstantin Raudive who was a student of the well-known psychologist Carl Jung, was tireless in his study of this possible activity, therefore the study of EVP is often called Raudive Voices…he claimed to distinctly hear these voices on recordings made…skeptics, and there were many, said it was just white noise…most parapsychologists these days have little or no interest in EVP, but it does have its few dedicated followers who still believe in the possibility of it…perhaps there could be a machine made someday that would exclusively pick up the voices of the dead, our loved ones who have passed on…it would be able to hone in on those energy fields or whatever they may be, and give us messages from those in the great beyond.