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July 9, 2017



A banshee is an old Irish legend that states a female spirit that begins wailing will warn of an impending death in a household…certainly not a pleasant thing…perhaps you’ve heard the saying “wailing like a Banshee” before and wondered where it originated… Irish legend speaks of a lament being sung by a woman, and she would sing it when a family member had died… or was about to die…even if the person had died far away…even in a different land and news of their death had not yet arrived…so that the wailing of the banshee was the first warning the household had of the death…she also can predict death to someone close…she will also scream and wail sometimes when a person is about to enter a dangerous situation in an attempt to save them… there are times when several banshees have gathered and made themselves known at once…it is said that this indicates the death of someone great or holy.