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July 7, 2017

The Vanishing Roads

'The Vanishing Roads'

I recently returned from Peru and was told this story by some natives while I was there…years ago, the country of Peru decided to upgrade some of the old roads that were in the highlands…previously, the roads were treacherous to travel and very dangerous…the roads now are very good and easy to travel, but are dangerous in another sense… when paving these roads, some of the graveyards of dead Incas long ago were disturbed…this has led to some ‘restless’ spirits among the dead who weren’t too happy about it…so much so that it has been reported that truck and bus drivers have reported roads appearing where there actually was no road…the locals claim that these ‘visions’ come from the angered spirits and these occurrences have resulted in several trucks and buses leaving the road and tumbling down into the deep canyons beside the road below killing many people when the drivers followed these ‘fake roads’…this has been confirmed by drivers who survived or at least survived long enough to tell their bizarre story.