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July 5, 2017



Psychics are people with supernatural powers that have the ability to foresee into the future as to what will happen…for example, predicting when something or where something will occur…this subject is close to my heart as I have experienced psychic power and demonstrated my abilities to others…psychics often get a bad rap because of fake or ‘celebrity’ psychics…these impersonators give psychic powers a black mark…some psychics have participated in trying to solve crimes by ‘seeing’ where a missing body might be located for example…most have failed in attempts, but there have been several cases where the psychic described almost to a tee where the body could be found…psychics are usually only consulted as a ‘last resort’ by police departments…in some cases when the psychic has been correct, the psychic has become a person of interest in the case. …sometimes this place is somewhere that they'd never been, but usually it is somewhere a familiar person is, especially one that may be missing or who may be in danger…call it what you will…fortuitous guesswork or a real ability that some may possess…in some crime cases, psychics have been called in to assist…perhaps telling police where a body is…this is usually a last resort of law enforcement…an action like that and some will think it signifies the police have ‘given up’…rather than thinking all resources should be used…or maybe a psychic comes forward and volunteers information that they have ‘seen’…in some cases, these psychics have been spot on with their visions or feelings…and this has helped lead investigators to what they were looking for…in these cases sometimes the psychic is then looked at as a suspect…for how could they know where the body or person was?...some are apt to believe in such occurrences beforehand, and then are skeptical when the results come in.