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July 3, 2017

Near Death Experiences

'Near Death Experiences'

A near death experience is a personal experience that is associated with death or an impending death…these experiences may include a variety of sensations such as a feeling of detachment from the body…perhaps feelings of levitation…a sense of total serenity, and often the presence of a light is described…sometimes people will describe a feeling of entering into a great darkness…or they may sense a feeling of going up a staircase or some kind of passageway…or sometimes like riding an elevator…people have also described having their ‘life pass before their eyes’…some have said that they had a decision to make, whether to continue on that path, or turn around and return to their body…after this type of experience, some have said that they feel a greater sense of purpose-ness and heightened feelings…others have said that they felt this way only for a short time and then returned to being ‘themselves’…what causes these near-death experiences to happen if they happen at all?...are they real supernatural episodes where the person is actually experiencing these things…or are they just some sort of hallucinations which are caused by the ongoing events at the time?...many of those that have had this experience swear that these truly occurred…and who can say that they didn’t?