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July 13, 2017

Haunted Hotel

haunted hotel

There is a hotel where the things in some rooms are said to move around by themselves…not seem to move around, but actually move around according to sources…doors open and suddenly slam shut…lights go on and off without human intervention…and a ghostly figure appears from time to time crying softly and then suddenly vanishing through a window…this takes place in the wing of a hotel where decades ago, a young woman who was an artist, was desperate and depressed and threw herself through one of the hotels’ windows and plunged to her death…since then, strange things happen in this old hotel and these happenings have been reported by some…not reported by many others who don’t want their sanity questioned…it seems that her troubled spirit still occupies that hotel and despite efforts by various owners  such as bringing in paranormal experts to rid the building of her disturbed spirit, refuses to leave.