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July 15, 2017

In His Room

A man was sleeping soundly one night, a night very much like any other night but that was about to change…suddenly he was awakened by a strong presence that had manifested itself and was standing next to his bed…he opened his eyes and saw a fuzzy shaped image standing there…whatever it was, this eerie entity gave off very strong vibrations and the room which has been warm, suddenly grew cold…the entity illuminated the entire bed that the man was sleeping in…the entity made no noise whatsoever, but just stared at the frightened man...the room was bathed in silence…he was too frightened to speak…he tried but nothing would come out...he couldn’t make out what this apparition didn’t look like anyone he knew or had known…it just hovered by the side of his now ice cold bed...he was fearful and confused...what kind of presence had visited him and what could it have possibly wanted?...what did it want to communicate to him?...was it trying to warn him of something that might happen?...the next few nights, the man had a fitful sleep, then slowly but surely he began to sleep normally again…he never saw or experienced the entity again...but why…that night?... the experience raised many questions for him that had no answers…he still wonders if it was only some kind of odd dream, but it was so real…so vivid, that he couldn’t have imagined it…could he?