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July 16, 2017



Our old friend coincidence…this is often invoked when there are things that happen together that cannot be explained…at least rationally…like some lucky charms like that old lucky shirt that always seem to work…some shells or seemingly worthless trinkets that give protection and keep one safe from evil…the wearing of a certain color because it ‘brings luck’…a lucky pen or pencil that helps one do good on an exam…perhaps you have some of your own…someone once said that man often fears what he believes in because he is too afraid not to believe…there is the story of a young girl who once found a religious charm in her car that her mother had put there…the girl thought it to be a useless piece of junk and threw it away…later that night, the girl was killed when her car slid off the road and struck a tree…coincidence?...or was there more to it than that?...we really don’t know do we?