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July 24, 2017

False Awakening

'False Awakening'

False awakening is when a person has a very convincing dream about awakening from their sleep while in reality, the dreamer continues to sleep…after experiencing a false awakening, people dream a variety of things…they may dream they are going about their daily routines such as having breakfast, eating and getting ready to go to work…these false awakenings, namely those in which one dreams that one has awoken from sleep that featured dreams, take on the aspects of a double dream or a dream within a dream…perhaps you’ve heard the story of Chaung-Tzu who though he was dreaming that he was a butterfly…after he woke up, he didn’t know if he was a man dreaming he was a butterfly, or a butterfly now dreaming that he was a man…these powerful dreams have been studied and no one knows why they occur or how, but they do occur…certain aspects of life during these false awakenings may be overdramatic or out of place…things may just seem odd such as a painting on a wall seemingly moving, or not being able to walk or move in certain ways…one’s legs may often seem to be like lead and difficult to move…the experts have said there are two types of false awakenings; type 1 is where the dreamer seems to wake up, but not necessarily in realistic surroundings, type 2 which is less common they say is when the dreamer seems to wake up realistically enough but there is a type of suspense or disquiet…maybe our entire lives are one large dream…or a dream inside of a dream…who can say for sure?