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July 22, 2017



What about those who can perform the moving or bending of objects by mind power, a type of psychokinetic power?... Perhaps it can be used to hide the car keys or to bend a spoon…there have been instances where this has taken place…granted, some have been fraudulent while others seemed pure…whether you believe that or not is up to you…but it is undoubtable that the mind is an extremely powerful thing…so much more than we can comprehend…can it move mountains?...maybe…we never tap into the deepest realms of the mind…who knows what potential there could be if we could?...some have seemed to control others by concentrating their powers to make others think as the sender wants them to think…this can be very dangerous...we think we know ourselves but given certain circumstances, our mind or perhaps psychokinetic powers from others can cause us to do things we wouldn’t ordinarily do…maybe even go beyond legalities…certainly, our own minds can bend the rules to fit around what we what to accomplish…what would our fathers think?