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July 26, 2017

Roadside Figure

Two people were driving on a country road in rural was a gray day with a light rain falling as they drove through the countryside…one woman was just gazing out the passenger window…really not thinking about anything at all…then something caught their attention on the right side of the road, maybe ten or fifteen feet off the old road in a field…it seemed to be some indistinct dark form that looked like it could have been an old scarecrow…the driver stopped the car on the side of the road and they stared at this ‘thing’...they slowly got out of the car and as they approached it, …it was wearing a hooded black robe that hung lazily to the ground...the face wasn’t visible...the arms were down at its sides and the hands were not visible either…the rain began to intensify and they heard lightning and thunder in the distance…the figure gave them a feeling that filled them with terror…they weren’t scared that it would do something to them, it was just appeared to give off a feeling of impending doom...after looking at it for a few minutes, they got back in the car and began driving again…not more than a few minutes passed when they came upon a gruesome head on collision in which both cars involved were engulfed in flames and a few people had stopped to help, but there was nothing they could do…she wondered if this ‘figure’ had somehow manifested itself to delay them briefly…if it hadn’t, could they have been involved in the accident?...could they have been killed? wonders...oh by the way, the police had them turn around because the road was blocked…when they passed by the spot where the mysterious figure had been…it was no longer there.