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July 31, 2017

A Visitor

A family member related this story…he went to bed as normal and was sleeping peacefully when he woke suddenly and an apparition appeared before him…it was that of his deceased mother…she talked to him in a warm, loving way…addressing some of the concerns he had…just everyday life things…she appeared for a few moments than the image dissipated before him…he was shocked at what just occurred and he couldn’t just go back to sleep…so he went to his kitchen to have some milk and to calm down…for some reason unknown to him, he was compelled to walk over and touch the telephone…it was warm to the touch even though no one in the house had just used it…he was too afraid to pick up and listen to see if anyone was on the line…now this man is not one given to hallucinations or beliefs in the supernatural, but there was no denying what had happened to him.