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July 29, 2017

Cerebral Anoxia

'Not A Hallucination'

Sometimes when a person has…notice I did not say suffers from hallucinations because not all hallucinations cause suffering…some of these can be quite productive if we even want to call them hallucinations at all…anyway these ‘hallucinations’ are chalked up to what is called cerebral anoxia by the medical professionals…that is a lack of oxygen to the brain which can be caused by many things…for our discussion, we will talk about the experiences of those who have fasted for many days…the ‘experts’ say that this lack of food causes people sometimes to have supposed spiritual experiences or feelings…or that such a condition can even cause people to see ghosts or UFO’s or other paranormal ‘things’…of course these experts give no chance to someone actually having such a thing occur to them because they have no belief in anything out of a laboratory…they are ‘men of science’ and have no tolerance for paranormal explanations…this seems to be a little too cut and dried to just blow off reports that people have made…maybe they don’t want to admit such things happen…just another way to control thought by the masses…they refuse to admit that cerebral anoxia…or these ‘hallucinations’…can bring one closer to a divine spirit and be of limitless value.