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August 1, 2017


Psychometry is an unusual gift…it is defined as the ability to take an item belonging to someone else and be able to ascertain information about that person using a form of ESP…for instance, presuming I had such an ability, I could hold your watch or something else that belonged to you and be able to give information or foretell an event or events that will happen to you…merely by being in contact with one of your items…proponents of this idea believe that each item has an energy field that belongs to it and some individuals are able to tap into it and divine such information…of course others say the idea is ridiculous…many times the type of psychics that have this power require that the object has had only one owner…as to not have multiple energy fields which could be a source of confusion…sometimes people will apply this to animals as well…a psychic will hold a leash or collar belonging to a lost dog and attempt to determine where that animal might be…it may be in the form of visions, thoughts, or other means.