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June 1, 2017



Do coming events cast a shadow that portends their occurring?...I’m not talking about like when thunder indicates that rain will occur, but more subtle and vague indications that can be classified as foreshadowing or pre-cognition...surely we can look back into the dusty pages of history and find these things...not someone merely predicting or ‘seeing’ something would occur, but when a person or persons were filled with a feeling they couldn't quite put their finger on, but it causes them to react in a certain way when a person boarding an airplane suddenly turns around because something didn't feel ‘right’...only to learn later that the airplane crashed taking many lives...or when a person who ordinarily doesn't buy lottery tickets, buys a ticket on a strange impulse and cashes in the lexicon of parapsychology, these are known as premonitions and they do occur...more often than you might think or maybe want to think...most likely, you have experienced some yourself…of course ‘experts’ scoff at the general notion of pre-cognition…and they may have some valid points…but specific occurrences’ of pre-cognition have been documented and they should not be so easily dismissed.