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May 30, 2017

Lost Souls

'Lost Souls'

Are you or someone you know a ‘lost soul’?...what exactly does that mean?...lost souls may not actually be ‘lost’ at all…what is a lost soul?...lost souls generally are reclusive people who have decided they have no need for companionship…this may come after failing to find close friends who they relate to…or it may not… lost souls often feel like the world is against them…not a psychological paranoia of any type, just a feeling that they are disconnected from others and others seem to be opposing them…their red is blue and their blue is green…’lost souls’ can sometimes feel threatened by other people…as though other people are seeking to cause them suffering…this is often due to a lack of trust, and this may cause a defensiveness…they put up a fortress that is extremely difficult to penetrate… they don’t have any wish to connect with anyone else… and they put their walls up anytime someone tries to get close to them...they feel like they walk the path of this world alone…they have little to no faith in anyone, so they keep people out…the people they may have let in in the past may have disappointed or hurt them, therefore they feel it is better to wall themselves off…they are a rock, they are an island, as the song goes.

Lost souls often feel they have nowhere to go…nowhere to turn…nowhere they can find happiness…so they create an inner world…one of comfort and peace…some people will turn to almost endless meditation to avoid the world at large…but most others will close the blinds, lock the doors, and hope others stay away…they only have minimum contact and only when absolutely necessary…

If you a ‘lost soul’, this is not to be concerned about…I would say those who go around constantly trying to connect with people are the ones that have the real problem…they think so little of themselves, they need constant reinforcement that they are liked…so you see, ’lost souls’ may not be so lost after all…in fact maybe they have found themselves and done so on a much higher level than an ordinary soul could ever attain.