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August 13, 2015

Just A Singer

I’m just a singer in a rock and roll band. Or at least I was. For a little while. Become a musician and become somebody. I was a basic nobody in high school, then thru random chance, a guy found out I sang a little (very little) and asked me if I wanted to join his band. We weren’t even good enough to be a garage band. We never got out of his large bedroom complete with guitars and drums. Even so, once people at school found out I was in the band, I became a somebody. The ‘cool’ people who had ignored me were now wanting to be my best friend. I have to admit it was very enjoyable albeit brief. Before long, the band was no more and my celebrity status at the school faded away. I’m glad I didn’t chase after it, I just enjoyed the ride. Chasing after unimportant things leads you away from what is truly important.