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August 12, 2015

Older But No Wiser

We’re older but no wiser for in our hearts, the dreams are still the same. I took my kids one day to the local park for them to play tennis. They have some softball fields there and while walking to the courts, we passed by a gentleman with bushy gray hair who must have been pushing sixty-five. He was decked out in his matching softball uniform complete with cleats. I didn’t know whether to admire him or to pity him. Should I think that it is great that he is still playing softball at his age, or should I pity him that perhaps life has passed him by and he still finds a game to be the center of his life? I think similar thoughts when I see an old guy driving a Mustang or some convertible. Is he trying to re-live or recapture his youth? Does he look in the mirror and still see a twentysomething?  I scoff at him for looking foolish, but then I think, who’s to say who should drive what? I mean if at an advanced age you still fancy yourself driving around a little sports car, what authority says you shouldn’t. Where is the rule that if you are older, you’re condemned to old Buicks and other large monstrosities? Somebody wrote some rules a while back and it is still unclear to me whether we should follow them or not.